If you’re here then we definitely have some things in common.

First, we share the same Passion: we love music. For real, we love all kinds of music, as it accompanies us in our every day lives.

The second is that we love to listen to it. To feel it.
We are tired of intangible formats, discographies saved on computers, MP3’s streamed through our headphones. What we like, (and we’re sure you feel the same way) is “having” music, in every sense of the word.

Next, we want to live it. This is the reason why VENYL Association was born and developed. Our passion is meant to be lived, not merely purchased.

We grew tired of events ruled by a “buy and go” type logic, where a customer’s satisfaction only comes from “taking records home”. We want to put something different on the table.

Not just vinyl, CDs, DVDs and music tapes… but dj sets, concerts, workshops, performances and art exhibitions. Because if you really like music, you may also like everything connected to it.

Finally, we added a key ingredient: the party! Charlie Chaplin once said that “a day without laughter is a day wasted” and we couldn’t agree more.

Each VENYL event aims to give you a good time, to place you in the starring role of your passion, and to make you feel at home as if you were chilling in the living room with your friends. If you’ve already been to our event then you know what we’re talking about; if you’re coming for the first time then everything you’ve just read will be sure to sink in.